Prostitution between legality and illegality

Prostitution is considered the oldest craft worldwide, with or without legislation. So there are countries where prostitution is an offence, others where it is perceived as a crime, but also countries where prostitution is legally practised like any other profession.

Where is it Legal

Prostitution is legal and regulated in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

In many states, including the UK (except Northern Ireland), Spain and Italy, sexual work is legal, but not regulated, and brothels are illegal.

Hides Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic of Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, India, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Congo, Madagascar, Namibia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guim Bissau, Congo and Cuba.

In the other countries, the oldest profession is prohibited. Some countries punish the service provider, others the customer. Or, in the case of Lithuania, both are punished.

Surprisingly, prostitution is forbidden and punishable in Thailand, a country that has earned the fame of a "sex paradise", but the authorities tolerate this situation.


The highest fine for customers in Norway is 2,700 euros, but you can choose to spend up to six months in prison.

Sweden changes its customers based on their income and also offers a six-month alternative to imprisonment.

In Montenegro, the seller receives a fine of 1,000 euros or 30 days' imprisonment.

On the territory of Austria there are about 18,000 prostitutes and the state receives 650 million euros annually from their fees.

In Turkey there are around 15,000 legally registered prostitutes, and the Turkish state collects around 90 million euros annually from the taxation of these trades. All prostitutes are registered by the police. Prostitution is allowed in Greece, but recruitment is prohibited. However, strict regulation of brothels in Turkey and Greece has resulted in many sex workers working illegally.

Sex tourism is bringing more and more money into the economies of countries speculating on this possibility. A dedicated and tourism website has developed into one of the most prostituted countries with 10,000 inhabitants. Venezuela is number 1, with 119 companies women per 10,000 inhabitants. Second place is South Korea with 110. Third place is occupied by Peru with 102 prostitutes.

Throughout Germany there are 400,000 prostitutes who meet more than a million a day.




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